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What is the Unsung Heroes of Australian History show?

Unsung Heroes of Australian History is an exciting and innovative production, bringing Australian history to life. It explores and celebrates in song the life and times of those who have quietly shaped this nation – ordinary people who have done extraordinary things. This exciting and innovative production involves original songs, projected images, scripted narration and audience interaction.
The full show consists of two 50-60 minute parts. If necessary it can be presented a one part show of 60 – 90 minutes.
All audience members receive a souvenir program, and during interval we provide home-made Anzac biscuits and, for balance, Turkish delights.
“These songs drip with the satisfying juices of solid research, spirited lyrics and sublime artistry. A musical and historical feast!"  Dr Clare Wright, historian, author, broadcaster.


It all began when Moira Tyers saw her daughters putting on American accents as they played with their Barbie dolls. She knew it was time to make Australian stories and characters more interesting to all generations.

Moira brought together four talented songwriters and multi-instrumentalists, who have combined their skills and talents to create a powerful combination of stunning songs, beautifully arranged with mudcake-rich harmonies, gorgeous instrumentation – and performed with passion.

The show premiered at the 2010 National Folk Festival in Canberra, and has since toured every state in the country to standing ovations. It has been performed at the Port Fairy Folk Festival, and others festivals including Cygnet (Tasmania), Maldon and Mt Beauty (Victoria) and Wintermoon (Queensland). It has also been presented at folk clubs and community venues in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Canberra, Perth, and countless regional centres – even Flinders Island in Bass Strait.

2011 saw the launch of the CD, which includes an informative booklet.

In 2013, in partnership with Australian Teachers of Media, Unsung Heroes of Australian Heroes launched a set of education resources linked to the show, and adapted the live show for school incursions. They have performed at schools across Melbourne, from Scotch College to Melton South Primary School. For more details go to our schools page.

The show continues to evolve, as new songs are added. There is now a large repertoire which enables shows to be tailored for specific occasions and themes, still focusing on ordinary people who have done extraordinary things.

In 2015 we commemorate 100 years of the Anzac tradition with a special concert that presents the stories of ordinary people swept up in big events from frontier wars through two world wars to today’s refugees. The story is told through original songs, evocative images, audience interaction and the gratuitous distribution of Anzac biscuits and Turkish delights.  For details, see Lest We Forget media release.

The artists

Moira Tyers, Wendy Ealey and Bruce Watson are all talented singers and multi-instrumentalists, who between them have won many songwriting awards and accolades. They have each forged successful careers as performers across Australia and internationally, and all are involved in fostering other musicians' development in various ways.

Unsung Heroes of Australian Heroes is an expression of their commitment to great music, important stories, and good old-fashioned entertainment.

Moira Tyers is a winner of the Port Fairy Folk Festival Best song for Peace, Tolerance and Understanding Award, and the Hot Pick Award in the Pacific Songwriting Competition NZ. Moira plays guitar, violin and accordion.
Moira plays with Wendy in their duo the Dixie Chooks. Moira and Wendy founded the Darebin Songwriters Guild seven years ago to foster the talents of local songwriters.

Visit Moira's website

Bruce Watson is a favourite at festivals all over the country. He has six CDs of original songs and a heap of awards. A wordsmith who writes and performs with humanity and heart, Bruce is also a master parodist not to mention a marvellous parradiddleist, playing snare, guitar, mandolin and banjo!
Bruce leads workshops on the ukulele, songwriting, and performing, and even gives ukulele classes at his workplace

Visit Bruce's website

Wendy Ealey has sung in folk clubs across Australia and Europe, performed stand up comedy, written documentary sound tracks, and appeared in the occasional dramatic piece - being a bit of a dramatic piece herself. As well as being an AMAZING singer, she plays guitar, mandolin, ukulele and excels on the kazoo and egg-shaker.
Wendy also works as an MC and plays with Moira in their duo the Dixie Chooks.

Visit Wendy's website


If you would like to organise a performance of ‘Unsung Heroes’ at your school, club, theatre, festival or other venue we would be delighted to hear from you.

Inquiries and information: Email us and we'll contact you shortly

School inquiries: Email ATOM

Listen to the show's finale "Unsung Heroes"
Listen to a live interview
with Alan Brough,
Feb 2011
(File size 15Mb)

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